Mycom (Mayekawa)

Dive into the world of innovation and outstanding performance with the Mycom brand, better known as Mayekawa. With its unique approach to industrial refrigeration and compressor technology development, Mycom sets the industry standard for exceptional manufacturing



A Legacy of Quality and Reliability

Since its founding, Mycom has continuously strived for excellence. Founded in Japan in 1924, the company quickly became a world leader in the production of compressors and refrigeration systems. A legacy of quality and reliability, rooted in Japanese engineering, is the foundation on which every Mycomdevice is built.


New Generation Industrial Cooling

Mycom (Mayekawa) doesn’t just create cooling systems – they create sources of efficiency. Their advanced industrial cooling systems, such as the TurboChill TC series, provide precise and consistent cooling conditions for industries ranging from food processing to pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Compressor Technologies of the Future

Mycom (Mayekawa) dominates the field of compressor technology, providing solutions that are not only efficient but also innovative. Mycom IMV series, an excellent product line of compressors, is a symbiosis of high performance and environmental sustainability, making it the best choice for various industrial applications.


Product Examples:

  1. Mycom TurboChill TC series Industrial Chiller: This advanced cooling system provides maximum efficiency with minimal environmental impact. Designed to provide ideal cooling conditions in the most demanding environments
  2. Mycom IMV series compressor: IMV series is the pinnacle of engineering in the field of compressor technology. Providing outstanding performance with reduced energy consumption, this compressor becomes the key to efficient operation of industrial processes.



Leading into the Future

Mycom (Mayekawa) doesn’t just follow trends – they create them. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, the brand continues to lead the industry into a future where industrial processes become not only efficient, but also environmentally responsible. With Mycom, every business can be confident in its path to success and sustainability

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