The Evolution of Reliability in the World of Pumping Technologies



Nash brand history:

During the period of intense changes in the seventies of the last century, the Nash brand was born, which became the embodiment of engineering discoveries and innovative ideas. Nash grew out of a commitment to continuous improvement in pumping technology, establishing its position as the industry’s symbol of reliability and efficiency.

Nash brand mission:

Nash focuses its efforts on meeting the needs of industry by providing advanced pumping solutions. Nash’s mission is to ensure consistency and efficiency in manufacturing processes using advanced pumping equipment.


Nash integrates advanced technology into its pumping systems to ensure high performance and long equipment life. The range of technology solutions includes innovative pumps and spare parts designed to meet the most stringent industrial requirements.



Nash pumping equipment is not just equipment, it is a quality standard.

  1. Turbo Pumps: Nash offers highly efficient turbo pumps that deliver consistent vacuum performance in the most demanding applications.
  2. Liquid Ring Pumps: Nash remains at the forefront of the industry with high-performance liquid ring pumps that provide reliability and performance across a variety of sectors.
  3. High quality spare parts: Nash provides a wide range of original spare parts, ensuring trouble-free operation of your equipment and increasing its service life.



Partnership for success:

Nash is more than just a brand, it’s a partnership dedicated to helping your business thrive. Modern technology, high quality standards and extensive experience are the key components that make Nash a leader in the pumping equipment market.

When you choose Nash, you choose reliability, efficiency and innovation for your business.

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