Netzsch brand history:

In the depths of technological development and innovation, the Netzsch brand was born and became a milestone in the field of pumping solutions. The company’s history began during a period of intense technological progress, when the brand’s founder boldly set out on the path to creating advanced pumping systems. Since then, Netzsch has maintained a strong leadership position, providing outstanding solutions in the world of pump technology.



Netzsch brand mission:

Netzsch’s mission is to create innovative pumping systems that become reliable engines of industrial progress. Each Netzsch product is the result of a constant pursuit of excellence and the introduction of advanced technologies in the field of pump technology.



Netzsch implements advanced technologies to provide its customers with outstanding solutions. The combination of engineering excellence and innovative approaches makes Netzsch pumping equipment unsurpassed in its efficiency and reliability.



Products Netzsch:

Netzsch pumping equipment is not just technology, it is the key to trouble-free operation of your plant.

  1. Progressive cavernous pumps: Netzsch offers outstanding solutions in the field of cavernous pumps, ensuring efficient pumping of the most viscous and aggressive media.
  2. Progress Pumps: The Netzsch screw pump series represents cutting-edge technology, delivering high performance and stable performance in the most demanding conditions.
  3. Highest quality spare parts: Netzsch provides a wide range of original spare parts, guaranteeing continuous operation of the equipment and extending its service life.


Partnership for Progress:

Netzsch is not just a brand, it is a partner ready to support you on your path to success. With unique technology, high quality standards and a deep understanding of customer needs, Netzsch creates products that can change the way you think about pumping technology. Grow with Netzsch, where every pump is a step into the future of your business.

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