Rolls- Royce (Centrax, Avon, Allison)

Rolls-Royce is an indispensable symbol of outstanding engineering and unrivaled quality. Over the decades, the brand has become synonymous with innovation in power equipment. Rolls-Royce has a history filled with great achievements, and its influence extends from the skies to the mightiest energy systems.


Power equipment:

Rolls-Royce specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced energy solutions that transform landscapes and take the industry to new levels of efficiency. One of the brand’s hallmarks is the Avon range of gas turbine engines, delivering outstanding performance in a variety of sectors including aviation and energy.

Example: Avon 200 gas turbine engine, providing the perfect balance of power and stability with minimal environmental impact.



Spare parts/Service/Major repairs:

Rolls-Royce doesn’t just provide equipment, it creates long-term partnerships, providing reliable support to its customers throughout the entire lifecycle of the equipment. The brand’s maintenance and spare parts program is unique, ensuring trouble-free operation of installations and maximum utilization of resources.

Example: Rolls-Royce CareFlex, which provides a full range of maintenance services, including fast delivery of original spare parts and high-tech overhauls.

Rolls-Royce continues to lead the industry forward, turning power into energy and inspiring the next generation of engineers to strive for new heights.

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